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Search Engine Optimisation

Before you submit your web site to search engines ensure you have optimised it to guarantee high rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the three most important aspects of a web site, the others being a good web design and good sales copy.

Companies frequently come to us asking why their web site doesn't generate new leads or new sales for them. The answer is usually quite clear when the business and its web site have been thoroughly analysed.

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Search Engine Submission - facts and myths

We are often asked what truth their is in the rumours that manual submission to search engines is better than automated submission.

The answer is simple. Every Search Engine and Directory is different and has different criteria for assessing submissions.

The fact is manual submission is the optimal way to register as you can ensure that your web site is catergorised correctly. But it does take time.

If you know the exact URL and have all the information to hand it will take you about 15 to 20 minutes per search engine to submit a page of your web site.

So what are the alternatives

Hire a professional to do it for you.

This route will probably get you into the top search engines with all your keywords, but you can guarantee it will cost. Large firms will pay up to £500,000 for this service.

Automated Services

There are a number of Automated Web Site Submission services in the market varying from very good to a waste of time and money.

How do you know which Automated Submission Service to use?

You should check the following questions:

  1. Are you required to enter a Web Site Title?
  2. Are you required to enter a Description?
  3. Are you asked for 20 or more key words?
  4. Can you enter Search Phrases?
  5. Are you asked to catergorise your web?
  6. Do they submit your site as though done manually?
  7. How many Search Engines and Directories?
  8. Do they maintain their list?
  9. Do they give you a report on submissions?
If they can answer yes to all of these and submit to 809,000+ Search Engines and directories then we would suggest they are a good service.

Discus Group pass all these tests and we recommend before submitting your web site to ask for a Search Engine Optimisation review to guarantee top search engine rankings in all engines and directories.

KEY FEATURES of Discus Groups Search Engine Submission Service

Instantly submission of your website to up 809,000+ search engines and directories.

Choose the package that suits your business

Monthly or quarterly submissions to achieve maximum visibility

Easy, quick and free online registration

Various ways of categorizing and describing your website

Choose your key words and phrases as well as site description

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Once your registration form is completed and submitted, our system will automatically fill forms of 818,000+ search engines and directories and instantly send them your website info

Extensive Exposure
An extensive range of search engines and directories is included in our database. Besides, we have been updating the list so that your website can enjoy increasingly improving exposure

You can use the service for as long as you like, so you can re-announce your site when you make changes and announce it to new directories that we add to the service at no additional cost

High Traffic Attraction at Low Cost
Traffic, interest and ultimately profit will be increased on instant submission of your website to 818,000+ search engines and directories.

How to submit web site to search engines

Only 4 easy steps are required to submit! After submission to Discus Group, your listings will be completed within 7 working days and you can expect improving exposure soon afterwards depending upon each search engines spider or robot.

Step 1:
Choose the service that fits your business needs and budget. The choices are;

  • One off submission
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
You can chose from all UK and leading search engines or all search engines world wide
Frequency UK & Top engines 818,000+ Engines
Monthly fee £10.00 £15.00
Quarterly fee £25.00 £30.00
One off fee £60.00 £75.00

Step 2:
Enter the necessary information about your website Required information; URL - keywords - website title - brief site description and select a site category that best classifies your business.

Step 3:
Enter your contact information.

Step 4:
Complete payment information and click the "Submit" button - Done!

You will receive an email confirming your order soon after your submission. Besides, you will also receive an electronic invoice in a second email informing successful processing of your order.

For further information contact;
Tel: 0871 2200 199
or contact us now electronically >>

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