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So how do search engines make a web site successful? Search Engine Optimisation is one of the three most important aspects of a web site, the others being a good web design and good sales copy rich with your keywords and phrases
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How do Search Engines make a web site successful?

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the three most important aspects of a web site, the others being a good web design and good sales copy. Companies frequently come to us asking why their web site doesn't generate new leads or new sales for them. The answer is usually quite clear when the business and its web site have been thoroughly analysed.

You may have paid a small fortune for a very pretty web site, but if prospects never find it, you will not achieve the Return On Investment ( ROI ) that you had hoped for.

Studies have revealed that the vast majority of commercial web sites actually damage their own chances being found by search engines. To have a profitable web site requires lots of qualified visitors, good design to receive viewers and good sales copy.

Those visitors who then find your web site can then see that you can supply what they are looking for and are motivated to buy on or off line from you.

Generating targeted traffic to your web site should be come from a combination of on line and off line promotional activity. Online can take the form of Search Engine Listings, Ecampaigns, Online advertising, Link Exchanges to name but a few. Offline includes media advertising, direct mail and so on.

However successful web sites all use search engines. Everyone that finds you via a search engine is a potential buyer.

Indeed recent research has shown that over 90% of the webs 450m users searching for a product or service on the internet do so using a search engine or directory.

It therefore goes without saying that successful web sites on the internet use search engines. Even more important is to ensure you have a good search engine ranking as research has again shown that 78% of people will not look beyond the first 20 results from the SE.

So how do search engines make a web site successful? Next time you perform a search, look carefully at the top 20 results. Most users naively believe that the search engine has trawled the internet for the best possible matches to their request. This is far from the truth.

The chances are these web sites have paid for the privilege, either through a pay per click placement, or more subtly through the use of a search engine optimisation specialist.

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So what can you do to improve your chances?

1 You improve your sites search engine friendliness by following some of our tips below link to How can you improve your web site

2 Contact us for a site review and quotation.

Discus Group offer a Range of Search Engine Services including Web Site Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Submission. For a quote contact us.

How you improve your web site ranking on search engines is based on a variety of factors such as the locations of keywords in your pages, your page title, the explicitness of your links, and your use of META tags.

META tags are a simple, effective way to give search engines information about your web site, and most of the largest search engines out on the Net recognise them.

A meta tag is an HTML element that contains information for search engines. Simply place each tag into your HTML source code in between the header tags. It is never displayed to anyone who comes to your site, yet any search engine spider exploring your site can see it and interpret it.

META tags are a quick, easy way to improve your search engine visibility! There are 3 key tags which you must include.

Title Tag - The title tag is the title you have given the page in your web site and appears in the top banner of your browser. You have 75 characters including spaces.

Description Tag - This is the description which appears in the results window of most search engines that the surfer sees. This can be up to 400 characters, but some search engines will only display the first 125 or 250 characters.

Keywords Tag - This is the tag where you will include all the words and phrases that you believe search engine users will type in when looking for your company / product / service / information. See our keywords page; There are other Meta Tags which will improve your search engine positioning, but the above three are the most critical to being found on the internet.

If all of this sounds too complicated or time consuming or you cannot afford to get it wrong as your web site is important to you then don't worry, we're here to help.

For further information contact;
Tel: 0871 2200 192
or contact us now electronically >>

You may have heard that search enqines are now giving preference to web sites which have are part of good link exchange programs. We therefore recommend Trade Doubler. Joining an affilate program such as trade doubler, benefits your business by getting your web site seen and you may wish to benefit from additional revenue by deploying a trade doubler partners details on your web site.
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