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CD DVD Duplication v Replication

What is CD DVD Duplication
The duplication process uses CD or DVD recorders to "burn" using a laser your data into a pre-manufactured CD or DVD. These discs are known as CDrs and DVDrs (CD or DVD Recordables). CDrs and DVDrs are quite simply blank discs, and your data, whether it is text files, music, mix mode media, computer programs, multi-media, data or video, is added by using a DVD or CD recorder. Depending on the speed of the recorder, the process generally a few minutes per CD disc (or DVD disc). We generally recommend only copying or burning CD's and DVD's at the slowest rates possible to give you a better quality copy. We never recommend burning at speeds more than 10X for CD and 2X for DVD. We always recommend running and verification check on each copy before relying on the copy to be free from defect. This time factor means that it is less cost effective for duplication, than it is for replication, if ordering large numbers of CDs or DVDs. If you only require a few copies, DVD / CD duplication is more cost effective than DVD /CD replication. You can also print on your blank CD and DVD using either digital print or Thermal Litho.

What is CD DVD Replication
DVD and CD replication is best explained as making a unique CD or DVD with your data inside it, often referred to as "stamping" your data into an injection molded CD or DVD. These discs have a silver look to them, similar to the audio CD discs that you would buy in a music store. CD / DVD replication tends to be used with larger orders, where it is vital to get the "per disc" price as low as possible.

The DVD / CD replication process requires that you order a minimum number of CD or DVD discs to cover the setup costs. For larger orders, the process is less expensive than Duplication, because your data is actually built into the construction of the DVD or CD and not added later.

So how does replication work?

An image of your master is output onto a piece of Glass called a Glass Master . The Glass master is used to make Stampers which are used to press CD's or DVD's. The stampers are held on the pressing machine by vacuum suction and polycarbonate beads are heated up to 300 degrees before being injected into the mould which contains the stamper, therefore leaving your image in the cd or dvd disc. Slver or nickel depending on whether it is CD or DVD is then applied to the disc and spun. This acts as the reflective material which sends the data back from the disc to your CD or DVD player. Your discs are then printed.

For UK customers, we can turn around a DVD or CD duplication or Replication order in 24 hours! As we are based in Central, England, so we have direct courier routes to the whole of the UK, meaning a quick turnaround is possible from Discus Group.

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