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The Discus Group offers a range of indepth consultancy to guide your business....
Sales Solutions

We specialise in solving sales problems for products or services that are either difficult to differentiate from your competition or are intangibles.
(Not to say we wouldn't like to take on something a bit easier!)

With years of experience in improving conversion ratios of high ticket, intangible items, in as diverse range of market sectors as Timeshare to Aircraft Docking.

Our leisure sector client include:-

  • Marriott
  • Hilton
  • Hyatt
  • RCI
Automotive sector client include:-
  • Porsche
  • Triumph
  • Mercedes
  • Ilmor Engineering
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Marketing Solutions
There is a broad range of distribution channels now available. Capitalising on these channels and making the most cost effective choice makes a big difference to yoursuccess and profitability.

Television, Radio, Newspapers, Periodocals, Mailshots are all vying for your advertising and marketing budgets. The Internet offers Web Sites, e-marketing, e-newsletters, on-line shopping, rich media, automation.

We understand the problems of aportioning budgets. All our solutions are fully quantifiable and we are not limited by one channel so our advice is impartial.

Some of the services we provide to increase your Brand Awareness and Marketing Comunication are:- We have a cost effective solution to add to your armoury

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Technical Solutions
We have a team of highly skilled Technology Specialists including one of only three certified disaster recovery engineers in Europe.

Within the Discus Group we have specialist that are fully conversant with all Database Languages including:-
  • Oracle >>>
  • SQL >>>
  • Delphi >>>
We provide specialist solutions including:-
  • E-Locksmith >>>
  • Distaster Recovery >>>
  • System Password Recovery >>>

Fully Acredited and Certified Operating Systems Technicians including:-
  • Microsoft >>>
  • Unix >>>
  • Linux >>>
If you have a developement or system problem we should be able to help

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Business Consultancy

Leisuregateway.com is the UK's largest independant leisure portal.
Owned by Creative Data Concepts this milestone is a cause for celebration for this unique business model. LG offers a range of services to the UK leisure and hospitality industry to help them generate business.

This is one example of how Discus Group has helped a fledgling business capitalise upon a market opportunity by guiding the business to success by reviewing the market sector, drawing up business plans to exploit the opportunity and assisting in the execution of the plans and rollout of the whole project.

Leisure Gateway now has 200,000 members and is in a position of strength to be able to distribute its on line real time booking system which simply plugs into the web sites of its member base which it built up rapidly and at very low cost.

Brian McEwan of Creative Data Concepts adds "Without the input of Discus Group we would have taken years to have reached the same position and at huge cost to the business, with the risk that competitors with a stronger position would have been able to lock us out of the market."

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