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   High Definition HD DVD
From VHS to High Definition HD DVD Replication Discus Group has always been involved with meeting and exceeding your audio visual needs. Discus Group is now well positioned to continue to meet your media needs and has the capability to deliver over 6 million HD DVD replication units per month.

Cheap HD DVD replication like Blu-ray discs require a whole new approach to mastering as the pit sizes are now 40 microns opposed to DVD pit sizes of 74 microns which translates into a 15 Gb capacity for HD DVD single sided single layer and 30 GB for HD DVD single sided dual layer.

Unlike DVD the copy protection system is much more robust with a new system AACS being developed which has 2 encryption keys of 128 bit, giving optimum protection for the contents of your HD DVD.

HD DVD Blu-ray DVD Video
Capacity up to 30Gb Up to 50Gb Up to 8.5Gb
Players Specific HD DVD Format
with blue laser 405 nanometers
Specific Blu-Ray Format
with blue laser 405 nanometers
- DVD player with red laser
650 nanometers
- HD DVD Players
Compatibility All HD DVD players read DVD Video Some Blu-ray players will read DVD Video Current DVD won't read HD DVD or Blu-Ray
Disc Structure Same structure as DVD Dual layer of 0.6mm, pit size 0.40 micron New structure 1 layer of 0.1mm and one layer 1.1mm pit size 0.32 micron 2 layers of 0.6mm pit size 0.74 micron
Video format 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 720 x 450
Common questions asked about HD DVD

What is the compatibility between DVD and HD DVD?
HD DVD players can play DVD's, but only HD DVD players can play HD DVD discs or PC's with appropriate hardware and software.

What are the advantages of HD DVD?
HD DVD brings high definition quality of image, much more superior to DVD increasing from 720 x 450 for DVD to 1920 x 1080 for HD DVD. A HD DVD can contain up to 30 Gb (8 hours of video) compared to 8.5 Gb for a DVD

What is the image encoding and compression of HD DVD and what are the advantages?
HD DVD and Blu-Ray encoding and compression uses MPEG layer 2 and MPEG Layer 4 and VC1. For DVD only MPEG 2 is applicable.

What is the capacity of HD DVD?
Single layer, single sided HD DVD disc can hold up to 15GB or 4 hours of video
Dual layer, single sided HD DVD disc can hold up to 30GB or 8 hours of video

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