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What is DVD Authoring ?
DVD Authoring MenuDVD authoring describes the process of creating a DVD video that can be played on a DVD player.

Strictly speaking, DVD authoring is a separate process from MPEG encoding, but MPEG encoding is usually completed at the same time as Authoring and is the last task in the process.

There are many DVD authoring applications available to help create digital video discs. A top end DVD authoring software package is Scenarist down to at the bottom end examples such as Nero.

Discus Group DVD authoring services give you a choice of three solutions to meet your budget and creative requirements:

Plug and Play DVD Authoring - A Video stream is captured from tape into an authoring suite. As indicated from the title, Menu's are not required, the disc is to play on insertion and stop at the end like a VHS tape would. There are no chapter points and this is the simplest form of authoring which consists mainly of MPEG encoding. This is almost the most cost effective DVD authoring package available.

Template Menu DVD Authoring - Again a video stream is captured but is associated with one of our standard DVD template menus. When all the chapters have been allocated the appropriate menu links, the DVD is MPEG encoded. This is a cost effective solution for those looking for a simple menu structure that lends itself to a template.

Bespoke DVD Authoring - With this option your creativity and budget are the only limits. Multi Tiered menu's, animated backgrounds with audio, Sub titling, games, web links are all offered under this solution. The most difficult to quote for given the variety of options to cater for. We recommend that clients who wish to opt for this route, if they are capable of using Adobe Photoshop, either mock up or build the desired menu's in Adobe Photoshop and supply to us for incorporation in the project, thus saving cost and speeding up project build times.

For more details and a specific quote for your project contact us, we are only too pleased to help, Contact form for Details online >> or call 0871 2200 199
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