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CD Packaging Options
Discus Group recognise that the finished packaged product is probably the most important element as this is the first impression your customer gets of your company and product. Below are some visuals of popular packaging options from our range of over casing options. If you cannot see what you require gives us a call and we can send over images or samples of the casing you are seeking.

PVC Wallet
By far the most popular and cost effective choice is the PVC Wallet or PP wallet with a tuck in flap, Often used with a booklet on short runs and is more cost effective than a card wallet
PP Wallet With Holes

A useful varient on the PVC Wallet is to have holes suitable for filing in a ring binder file complete with tuck in flap

PVC Wallet with 2 Self Adhesive Strips
PVC Wallets with self adheive strips and tuck in flap are perfect for mouniting discs safely onto folders or printed materials.


Romvelopes are white paper envelopes with a clear window on the front and flap on the rear, perfect for protecting discs and letting on body artwork show through.

Black Single Jewel Case Clear Single Jewel Case
Standard Jewel Single Cases or CD Boxes, very popular standard Audio CD Packaging, Black / Grey tray is the standard, Clear Trays for where there is a double sided tray inlay and colours where requested

Slim Jewel Case

Slim Jewel Cases are a popular choice where space and weight saving is required available in black, clear and choice of popular colours

Double Jewel CaseDouble Jewel Case
The Double jewel Case are perfect for those double disc sets whilst using standard jewel Case paper parts, Available in black and clear and can hold up 6

Maxi Single CD Jewel Case
Maxi Single Jewel Case, often used by CD singles, designed to be used with a J card booklet with a spine.

Super Jewel box
The Super Jewel Box Standard has been designed for Audio and DVD and is made from a stronger plastic than a standard jewel box. The box has exactly the same outside dimensions of the regular CD jewel case, and is therefore consistent with existing CD based retail shelves and other packaging and handling standards.

Black DVD Case Clear DVD Case
Standard Single DVD Cases, probably our second best seller, coming in Black or Clear as most popular choices or one of many favourite colours

Double DVD Case

Double DVD Cases are perfect for those double disc sets whilst using standard DVD paper parts. Available to hold up to 10 discs, the perfect display case for your product

Clam Shell

Clam Shells sometimes called C Shells are a very popular tactile casing solution, available in clear or a range of colours


Trimpacs are the square versions of clam shells perfect for storing in standard Disc Library systems.

Ejector Trigger Case

Ejector Cases or trigger cases are a great fun case to pack and play with available in a range of popular colours and with clips to fix into ring binders or make into books

Fabric Carry CaseLeatherette Carry Case
Carry cases in Fabric or Leatherette are very popular for large multi disc sets and a stylish way to present your product

Cake Tub

50 way cake tubs or spindles are a popular robust way of storing discs or shipping

CD Spider

CD Spiders designed to be mounted onto printed folders to hold discs, come in white or black
CD Foam Dot

Foam Dots come in Black or White ideal once again for sticking to folders
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