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CD Replication UK exceeds customer expectations

When looking for UK CD Duplication clients often tell us we are by far the best value?

CD replication manufacturingLooking for a CD replication service that's reliable, economical, and provides a fast turnaround as standard?

Looking for guaranteed on cd duplication with on time deliveries, excellent customer service, an honest approach and a ‘can do’ attitude, with the best quality products available?

Discus Group CD Replication have built an unrivalled reputation in the CD replication business the team have a combined 30 years plus experience, we understand the potential problems and more importantly, we know how to avoid them affecting your project.

So Remember Discus Group are a professional CD Duplication company, offering a CD Replication Service as well as many packaging options

Our clients purchase CD copies safe in the knowledge that all discs are produced to exceed Philips standards and are Retail Grade to satisfy ISO 9001:200

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DVD Replication Service and short run DVD Duplication

During the last year Discus Group has been pleased to replicate DVD's which have been 2 BAFTA award winners and 1 Oscar winning film.

Our DVD Duplication service offers retail quality finished products or for those looking for cheap DVD Duplication we also offer corporate grade UK DVD Duplication Service

We here you ask what is the difference between DVD Duplication and DVD Replication,

DVD Replication is the manufacture of DVD's by "stamping" yourDVD Pressing cd dvd manufacturer data into an injection molded DVD. These discs have a silver look to them, similar to the audio CD discs that you would buy in a music store. DVD Replication tends to be used with larger orders, where it is vital to get the "per disc" price as low as possible.

DVD Duplication is the process of copying (burning with a laser into a photoreceptive die) your DVD Image directly into ready made professional grade DVD's.

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Video Duplication Service

If you need to distribute film or video, Video cassettes are still the accepted format with VHS players still found in most homes and business.Video cassettes are cost effective too, with a 15 minute video duplication comparable in manufacturing cost to a DVD duplication.

Video Duplication remains a great option and we remain flexible on order quantities, Fast Turnaround and Personal service guaranteed on every Video Duplication Suiteorder.

If you need video copying for overseas distribution our conversion service will allow you to produce videos that will work in USA ( NTSC ) or French (SECAM) players.

When duplicating your video we use professional grade back coated tape stock for 'Professional VHS' results giving you ultra reliable copies.

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DVD Authoring Service
Discus Group offers full line professional services in DVD authoring and encoding

Our DVD authoring services are professionally tailored to deliver your project on time and within your budget. DVD authoring for DVD-5 and DVD -9.

We offer a three tier cost effective DVD authoring service

Cheap DVD authoring is achieved with our plug and play DVD, No menu's no fuss solution.

For those looking for a simple menu that fits intoDVD Authoring Menu showing dvd navigation our standard template systems we offer a great value solution.

For clients seeking a truly bespoke or complex menu structure we will build the project around your exact needs.

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BluRay DVD Replication expanding
From VHS to High Definition Bluray DVD Replication Discus Group has always been involved with meeting and exceeding your audio visual needs. Discus Group is now well positioned to continue to meet your media needs and has the capability to deliver over 6 million blu ray replication units per month.

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Discus Group expansion continues
Discus Group are pleased to announce their expansion into new premises in Newcastle.

Fulfilment packing lineAt the same time we welcome onboard Gordon Taylor to the Corporate Sales Team at the Boiler House. Gordon has over 25 years experience in corporate sales and can be contacted on 0871 2200 195 or electronically Contacted >>>
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